Episode 06: Momentum + Doubt

In this episode, Elise & Scott Grice open up about their insecurities, self-sabotaging beliefs, and internal battles with the slippery slope of vanity metrics, growth, “6-figures,” perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and the “cool kids” club.

“Growth, in its most simplistic form, means something is changing, developing, and becoming something new. But we so often tell ourselves that what we’ve experienced in the past will be true for us again in the future. Which is the opposite of what growth means. Growth means it’s going to be different in the future.”

— @heysweetpea

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The cycle of self-doubt and vanity metrics
  • Upper-level “secrets” and the lies we’re all told
  • Why we self-sabotage (without even realizing it)
  • Limiting beliefs and how we can replace them
  • The myth of overnight success
  • “Imposter Syndrome” and fraudy feelings
  • Becoming a contributor instead of a “guru”
  • Coming up with your “million-dollar idea”
  • How to create + brand something truly unique
  • Why you don’t need a fancy website
  • Sales funnels and how to uncomplicate them
  • How to tame your inner perfectionist
  • Vanity metrics vs. measuring true growth
  • Which numbers matter (and which ones don’t)
  • Creating clear, specific, and achievable goals
  • How to stop wasting time + money
  • Becoming the CEO vs. a freelancer
  • The “all or nothing” mentality that’s hurting you
  • How you’re stealing from your own business

Additional resources:

If you’re looking for business advice and support after listening to this episode, we’ve gathered the following resources for you. As always, please research, read, and listen at your own discretion.


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