Dearest Entrepreneur,

We made this series for you.

For you who feels like giving up. For you who feels like they’re doing it all wrong. For you who feels like nobody else is going through the pain and the failure, the loss and the bitterness, and all those non-Instagram-able days in-between.

This was made for you.

Because whether you’re at the very beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or you’re several years in, we want this to be a haven and a resting place where you—as owner and leader—can grow, and process, and heal from your own stories of guilt and shame alongside friends who want you here, sitting with us, taking up space at our table.

That’s exactly why this series so fully embraces the messy intersection of life + business.

And why we’ll be talking about such things as mental health and money, setbacks and failure, downsizing and debt.

Because despite culture status and vanity metrics, family of origin and individual stories of trauma … behind closed doors, entrepreneurs like you and like us, are craving something more, something deeper, and something undeniably real that gives us permission to say:

Yes, I’ve been there, or, Yes, I’m still there, too.

That’s why this podcast series has become such a deeply personal calling. And why our true mission—of healing and of hope—is so much bigger than our business.

Because for us, it all starts here …

With opening up the gates, tearing down our walls, and coming together—as a community—to slow down just enough to listen, to learn, and to talk about the stuff nobody else is talking about.

With so much love for you,
Elise & Scott Grice

Meet Your Hosts,

Scott and Elise Grice

Online educators and branding strategists, Scott + Elise Grice, are on a mission to help self-made entrepreneurs redefine success so they can build their own wildly successful businesses and radically fulfilling lives.

Together, they built Hey, Sweet Pea, a thriving branding team + studio originally based in Austin, TX. From 1-on-1 clients to group programs, they’ve coached and branded almost 2,000 creative entrepreneurs over the past 7 years.

They’ve since embraced an unconventional business + adventurous life on the road, which allows them to pour all our time into their signature program, My Own Irresistible Brand.

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