Episode 05: Minimalism + Distractions

In this episode, Elise & Scott Grice open up about their journey to redefine the “American Dream” by downsizing their home, simplifying their business, eliminating their to-do list, and prioritizing their lives, time, health, and freedom.

“Our identity gets so wrapped up with our physical belongings here on earth, when in reality our worth—our self-worth—has nothing to do with what we own. And untangling that and separating ourselves, our identities, and our worth from what we own and how much money we make is a journey we all have to go on.”

— @heysweetpea

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How we became “accidental minimalists”
  • Downsizing your space, city, and cost of living
  • Where to start + how to declutter your “zones of chaos”
  • Why we emotionally self-sabotage and hold on to stuff
  • Creating monthly decluttering + de-owning rituals
  • How to make “real life” feel more like vacation
  • Protecting your time, energy, and resources
  • Ditching your to-do list + eliminating distractions
  • Overcoming the guilt + shame of outsourcing
  • Finding a house cleaner and personal assistant
  • How to build your own “minimalist business”
  • Becoming unbusy and simplifying your schedule
  • Embracing your “power hours” and doing deep work
  • Peak performance and prioritizing breaks
  • The comparison trap and how to avoid it

Additional resources:

If you’re looking for additional advice and support after listening to this episode, we’ve gathered the following resources for you. As always, please research, read, and listen at your own discretion.