Episode 02: Marriage + Working Together

In this episode, Elise & Scott Grice open up about their marriage and working relationship, plus their struggles surrounding sex, children, family, boundaries, conflict, generational patterns, and role models.

“Growing as an individual and growing as co-partners through life always comes back to breaking old patterns and creating new ones. Which I kinda sort of love. I love the fact that our marriage is constantly shedding old layers and become new again. It’s like this never-ending shedding process.”

— @heysweetpea

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Generational patterns and societal pressure
  • Toxic masculinity and misguided beliefs surrounding manhood
  • What to do if you don’t have healthy role models
  • Family mapping + (re)defining your roles
  • The danger of busyness and owning a business together
  • Universal truths vs. personal truths
  • Working through conflict and fighting fair
  • Family boundaries and “code switching”
  • Communicating through different needs + energy levels
  • Deciding whether or not to have kids
  • Keeping our relationship intimate + sacred
  • Self-care vs. selfishness within a marriage
  • Our schedules and roles within the business
  • Goal-setting as a couple
  • Boundaries and healthy habits within life + business

Additional resources:

If you’re looking for additional support and couples counseling after listening to this episode, we’ve gathered the following resources for you. As always, please research, read, and listen at your own discretion.




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